Who are the Docents?
​Along with their website here, the Malibu Creek Docents are the primary educational collective of Malibu Creek State Park. We are the park's cheerleaders, teachers and tour guides. We give a little time each month so that the 250,000 annual park visitors can have a richer experience in this beautiful place dubbed "The Yosemite of Southern California".

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We're here to help those who want to learn
more about the ageless wonders of the geology of Malibu Creek State Park. The surprising plantlife of the forest, the grasslands, the creekside, the chaparral, and the marsh. The birds and animals of the mountains and flatlands -- from the soaring golden eagles to the ever-present deer and coyote. The 5,000-year story of the Indians of the Santa Monica Mountains. 

Our philosophy is to give
We give a little time each month to help others appreciate the surroundings of the Park. Leading nature walks. Working with school groups. Staffing the Visitor Center. Building displays and exhibits. Recreating the history of the Park. Assisting in other interpretive programs. After the docent has completed the training program -- and feels ready -- there are a variety of activities to help with the visitor information program. A few hours of sharing ... and years of receiving. 

The Malibu Creek Docents Association
is a non-profit corporation dedicated to educational and interpretive activities designed to help the public appreciate the natural history, environment, and recreational opportunities of Malibu Creek State Park. 

Sufficient tax dollars are not available for an adequate statewide visitor information program. Therefore, the Docents raise money through memberships, donations, sale of interpretive items, and other fund-raising events. Composed entirely of volunteers, the Malibu Creek Docents work closely with the state park staff in designing and implementing many interpretive activities for the park's visitors. 

Docent activities
... include many forms of educational ad fund-raising operations: 

  • Leading nature walks 
  • Managing the visitor center 
  • Publication of maps, guides, and other information items  
  • Sale of books, posters, pamphlets, and other materials 
  • Assisting in restoration of the Sepulveda Adobe 
  • Working to establish the White Oak Farm 
  • Sponsoring workshops and training programs
  • Answering questions for visitors at the M*A*S*H site 
  • Purchasing display items and equipment for the visitor center 
  • Conducting special programs and tours for groups 

An invitation to membership
... is open to all persons who would be interested in helping other enjoy and appreciate and preserve the natural wonders of Malibu Creek state Park: 

  • Docent-in-Training (Program for new volunteers) 
  • Active (Docent who has completed the training program) 
  • Honorary (Special recognition for outstanding contributions) 

If you would like more information
... just email docent Barbara Bowersock at bbsock3@aol.com 
Did You Know?
Being a park docent takes
just a few hours a month
and helps thousands of
people enjoy the park more.
The park's visitor center is the centerpoint of docent operations and programs. It's full of great information displays about the park and is open 12-4 on weekends. Come say "hello"! 
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