We are pleased to announce a partnership with Hi-Power Cycles to honor our servicemen and women disabled on or off the battlefield and provide a way for these vets to once again enjoy the beautiful park scenery despite physical limitations.
Started in November 2017 and awaiting a post-COVID re-launch, the VMP utilizes three-wheeled electric bikes from Hi-Power Cycles in Chatsworth, CA that allows disabled veterans to roll along park trails without having to worry about balance. No peddling is required on these fully-electric bikes. The VMP is available to all disabled U.S. veterans and veteran's service organizations at no cost. 

This program is for vets who:

  • Are Purple Heart Recipients
  • Have an injury or condition from outside your military service that makes walking or balance difficult
  • Have PTSD
  • Want to get outside and enjoy beautiful park trails and have difficulty doing so
the Veteran's Mobility Program (VMP)
The rider gets to decide, but one to three hours is average. Vets are encouraged to ride slowly, stop often and really enjoy the scenery. Find a shady spot and bring your lunch to eat.
Malibu Creek State Park has five miles of mostly flat riding roads available for this program under towering oak canopies, past vast grasslands, beside a seasonal creek (winter and spring are best) and under beautiful mountains. A map of riding routes will be attached to each bike. The M*A*S*H set where the popular TV series was filmed is available to VMP riders on an advanced ride through the park for return participants. You can ride up to the helipad and see where Radar watched the helicopters coming in the land in the opening of each episode. 
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Solo - The VMP experience means independence. You ride solo with no escort tagging along, but you are welcome to bring a friend on a regular bike and have them join you.  Helmet - riders will be provided a helmet to use.  Stuff - there is a small cargo compartment for your keys and a wallet. We'll also provide you with a tactical chest pouch for a small camera, food and water.  Phone - Riders need to bring a cell phone so that they can call the program attendant if they get stuck.  
info about the VMP
It's easy!  Just contact program manager Brian Rooney at 818.665.5607 or brian.rooney@R7Media.com to schedule a time. The program is currently available most weekdays from 9:30 - 4:30.
Be sure to bring your verification: an ID card from any one of these: the VA, DAV (Disabled American Veterans), VFW, American Legion, Military Order of the Purple Heart or your car with the PH license plate are all acceptable.
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From 1946 - 1974, today's park was the location ranch of 20th Century Fox where the studio shot scenes for over 100 movies and television shows including the original "Planet of the Apes" (1968), Elvis Presley's first film "Love Me Tender" and the legendary series "M*A*S*H".  Today the park is a sprawling 8,000 acres and is referred to as "The Yosemite of Southern California" because of its stunning beauty and variety of terrain.
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Hi-Power Cycles, LLC was founded in 2008 by brothers Chris and Derek Hunt. Since 2008, they have formed an incredible team made up of engineers, e-bike enthusiasts, top-tier mechanics, and professional bike athletes to push the limits of what their electric bikes can do. Every product you see on their website has been not only vetted by our engineers, but has also been field tested in real world applications by our professional riders to stand up to and handle the toughest situations. 

We are honored to be a part of this special program for our combat wounded veterans. The trike we modified for this program is not on our website, but is available by special request. We love what we do and love making our customers happy!  Please click our logo at right to go to our website and contact us about the special bike you need. We look forward to being of service to you.
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America's first park access program for Purple Heart vets utilizing electric bikes
Frank O., Desert Storm veteran / amputee
Melissa Stockwell, U.S. Army (ret.) & U.S. Paralympian
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